Selected group and individual exhibitions:

2019 14 – 17th of Novemeber. Foire d’art contemporain de Starsbourg – group exhibition at Parc des Expositions Hall 1 (4 paintings)

2019 20th of April – 3rd of November. Group exhibition “Les Croqueurs d’Étoiles” at La Coopérative-Musée Cérès FRANCO, Montolieu – France (3 paintings)

2018 December – January 2019. Center for Culture and Tourism in Mrągowo individual exhibition (47 paintings)

2014 February 25 Group exhibition, gallery under the antenna, Polskie Radio Olsztyn, Radiowa 4 (2 paintings)

2013 December 4 – 11, 2014. Group exhibition, gallery “in3arts” in Metz, France (13 paintings)

2011 May-June Municipal Cultural Center in Dywity post-exhibition collective exhibition (3 paintings)

2011 12 th April Communal Cultural Center in Dywity group exhibition (2 paintings)

2011 2-23 April, individual exhibition “Jerzy Ruszczynski in situ” Gallery d’art Michel Mitgen Luxemburg (64 paintings)

2010 22-23 May Festival International d’Art Singulier Contemporain in Bezu st Eloi France (7 paintings)

2010 22 January – 3 February, Olsztyn Old Town Hall. Group exhibition “Closeness” (5 paintings)

2009 6-14 June Liverdun, France. Exhibition with Jesse Reno from the USA “Exposition Jesse Reno et Jerzy Ruszczynski” (25 paintings)

2009 30 May International Festival – Art Singulier Contemporain Bezu St Eloi, France (9 paintings)

2009 5 flowers, Cultural and Tourism Center in Mragowo. “Roads and wilderness of the imagination” group exhibition, (13 paintings)

2008 12.07 An individual exhibition combined with a film projector about Jerzy Ruszczynski’s work, Saint Sever France (25 paintings)

2007 10.27 2 INTERNATIONALE BIENNALE D’ARTE Hors les normes de Lyon France, Group exhibition (18 paintings)

2006 11.10 “From the painted chest” a collective exhibition devoted to Hieronim Skurpski. Art-Deco Gallery (4 paintings)

2005 03.19 “Wizerunk” (Self-portraits) group exhibition organized by the Art-Deco gallery in Olsztyn (4 paintings)

2004 11.26 Group exhibition at the “Pokusa” Gallery Albrechtstr. 40 Wiesbaden Germany. (10 paintings, mixed techinque)

2004 09.23 Individual exhibition. Paintings from Zenon Tylman’s collections bought in the 90’s. Olsztyn street Kołątaja, the club “U Artystów”, Poland (25 paintings)

2004 07.03. Individual exhibition called “Images of reality” Olsztyn, Kortowo, ul. Prawocheński, club “Baccalarium”, Poland (48 paintings)

2004 05.13-31 “New infinity”. Group exhibition at the Art-Deco Gallery in Olsztyn, Poland (6 paintings)

2003 “Program 2003” Return to the plane (Warsaw, Paris, New York) A series of group exhibitions (16 paintings)

2003 10.9 Center of Education and Cultural Initiatives in Olsztyn, Poland ul. Parkowa 1. “7 dni Pałac – Sorkwity 2003” Group exhibition with the “OKO art group” (10 paintings)

2003 3.15. Gallery Art-deco Olsztyn. “Lyric Portrait” Group Exhibition (4 paintings)

2002 01.24 Center for Education and Cultural Initiatives in Olsztyn ul. Parkowa 1. “Blue Eye” Group exhibition of creative group OKO (15 paintings)

2002 August – International exhibition in Jedwabno Galeria “PFEIFFER” ul. 1st May 63 (5 paintings)

2002 12 April, Group exhibition of the Union of Artists of Warmia and Mazury. Hotel “Novotel” Olsztyn ul. Sielska 4a, Poland (24 paintings)

2001 “Kulisy” Olsztyn, individual exhibition (48 paintings)

2001 March-April Association Cultural and Educational Lake District, collective exhibition of the work of the OKO creative group (7 paintings)

2001  05.19 A post-exhibition painting exhibition in Bęsi (4 paintings)

2001  05.11 An individual exhibition (12 paintings)

2001 04. 24 Jeziorany individual exhibition (21 paintings)

2001 16 March – Exhibition of creative achievements of the members of the Union of Artists of Warmia and Mazury. (15 paintings)

2001 January – Aquarius Club Olsztyn Orłowicz 4. Various periods of artistic activity (20 paintings)

2000 September 26-October 15-XX review of the work of KPA “Neighbors” Galeria “Spichlerz” MOK Olsztyn ul. Piastowska13, Poland (30 paintings)

2000 February Group exhibition “Oko” – seven views of the landscape, oils, drawing with a feather, watercolors. Olsztyn, Poland (26 paintings)

1999 August Collective exhibition of the group “Oko” – Portrait of techn. mixed. Poland.

1999 Public library ul. Limanowskiego in Olsztyn, Poland. An individual exhibition, mixed technique, mainly oil

1999 Galeria “Pub – Natalia” Olsztyn, Poland – individual exhibition

1999 Portret XVIII – XIX century 10 copies of portraits from the collections of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

1998 10.12 Galeria “Pub – Natalia” ul. Dąbrowszczaków 29A individual exhibition of painting and drawing, tech. mixed, oil. Olsztyn, Poland

1998 April Club of employees of art. “Baccalarium” Painting individual exhibition 30 images techn. mixed tech. Olsztyn, Poland

1998 Group Exhibition of the Association of Artists of Warmia and Mazury “Pub – Natalia”. Olsztyn, Poland

1998 03.07 XXIX review of art “Mrągowo 98” – Mrągowo, Poland

1998 19.06 Distinction at the national painting contest “Wave 98” organized by M.O.K. in Olsztyn, Poland

1997 Painting and drawing in the gallery KPA “Neighbors” “Per deductionen, per intuitum” – (Through deduction, through intuition), an individual exhibition. Olsztyn, Poland

1997 Autumn – Outdoor painting in the guesthouse “Irena” in Szczytno, Poland. Group exhibition of oil paintings

1997 Group exhibition at the Institute of Christian Culture in Olsztyn, Poland

1997 “Kętrzyn” Open air individual exhibition. Oil, ink, watercolor. Kętrzyn, Poland

1996 05.07 “XXVII provincial review of visual arts” – group exhibition. Award

1996 “Kętrzyn 96” Open air group exhibition of paintings, feather technique, ink. Kętrzyn, Poland

1995 “XXVI Provincial Art Review in Mragowo – Diploma II prize. Mrągowo, Poland

1994 02.18 M.O.K. Gallery “Neighbors”. Individual exhibition. Olsztyn, Poland

1993 25.09 “XXIV provincial review of art Mrągowo 93”

1992 “Przegląd 92” collective exhibition in M.O.K. Olsztyn

1992 19.01 Painting – Individual exhibition, gallery M.O.K. Alders

1992 19.10 “XXII Provincial Art Review”

1990 14.09 “Psychomat automatism” individual exhibition art gallery at M.O.K. Painting

1989 04.09 MOK Olsztyn – Individual exhibition “Painting” techn. mixed, oil

1989 24.02 Individual exhibition in M.D.K. Ldzbark Warmiński techn. mixed technique

1988 17.09 Provincial Art Review in Mrągowo – First prize. Mrągowo, Poland

1988 05.09 Review of Artistic creativity of the K.P.A “Neighbors”. Olsztyn, Poland

1987 “Przegląd 87” organized by MIMDK in Olsztyn – group exhibition. Olsztyn, Poland

1987 SDK Akces drawing with a feather, watercolor – Individual exhibition. Olsztyn, Poland

1980 Art market – group exhibition of techn. collage. Olsztyn, Poland

1977 “Man work creativity” – group exhibition of techn. Oil. Olsztyn, Poland