Jerzy Ruszczyński was born in 1953 in Olsztyn, Poland. He took his first painting studies from prof. Eugeniusz Kochanowski at the Voivodship Cultural Center in Olsztyn (now the Center for Education and Cultural Initiatives) in the years 1975 – 1977. Then, for about two years, he developed his art skills with prof. Zofia Topczewska-Hudyk. He continued his own art development on the basis of self-education. He paints using feather, ink, watercolors, oil, pastels and mixed techniques. He has been exhibiting in Poland since 1977. He is creating art for over 50 years so far. He is a member of the Union of Polish Artists of Painters and Graphic Artists (ID No. 69/2001) in Warsaw. Member of the European Academy of Art in France – AEA (ID No 16061). He was a co-founder of the creative group “OKO” operating in the Municipal Cultural Center in Olsztyn. He was a member of the Amateur Artists’ Club “Neighbors” in Olsztyn. He took part in over 50 collective exhibitions. Author of over 30 individual exhibitions. Until 2004 he exhibited in Poland, mainly in Warmia and Mazury district, where he currently lives. In 2005, he began working with a French collector – Frederic Lux. Since then, he has been exhibiting mainly in France – in Lyon, Bezu, Liverdun, and Saint Sever. He also took part in exhibitions in Luxembourg (individual exhibition) and USA (multiple group exhibitions). His paintings have been presented many times in the French art press. In 2011, he gave an extensive interview for the French art magazine – Artension NR 107 2011 with the participation of a sworn translator. He also has been interviewed many times by one of France’s most renowned art critics, Jeanine Rivais.

Jerzy Ruszczyński uses his own unique artistic code. The abundance of graphic characters and the complexity of form is arranged in a magical story, full of surprises and ambiguities. The consistency and awareness with which the artist uses this puzzle of symbols and the richness of form testify to the maturity of expression. The images thus created break with the beauty of the performances of the academic convention in favor of the beauty of form or the external expression of the work. Created pictures surprise the viewer, emanate with grotesque humor and mystery, which certainly forces the viewers to reflect. Jerzy Ruszczyński is the creator of his own very personal style. He is an artist with a complicated mind and a heart full of existential pain. The inspiration that gave birth to his creations stems from the need to discover the relationship between the two worlds: internal and external. It is a representation with the help of familiar symbols of interpersonal communication in order to be able to show the psychological reactions occurring in the human mind.

Jerzy Ruszczyński about his art:

“When I’ve been creating pictures for many years, I have developed a certain pattern in which I use a plastic language to choose a particular situation or state which takes place our my mind. I have developed a way of processing mental data in a trial and error manner. Creating a specific image is a relatively simple act. It chooses a specific situation from the surrounding reality, most often it is a past situation rarely present, and carries out a psychoanalytic analysis of a specific reality. The analysis consists mainly in discovering what affects the shaping of our mind, but also shows the multiple ways to achieve this shaping. In the images, I omit what can limit the spoken thoughts, and I add elements that make it easier for me to speak. Proportions, chiaroscuro, composition, etc. are born by themselves. I do not use any academic rules for this purpose, because they only limit the statement. I adhere to the principle of unhampered freedom. By operating with color, I emphasize it. Color, linear and value contrasts are used to present my thoughts. I try to penetrate into individual organic and inorganic elements showing their mutual dependencies. Some people sense these relationships intuitively. I think that they are those, who understand the paintings.”

Jerzy Ruszczyński, Luxemburg 2011

Selected exhibitions:

2019 14th – 17th of Novemeber. Foire d’art contemporain – group exhibition at Parc des Expositions Hall 1 , Strasbourg, France.

2019 April, 20th – Group exhibition in Ceres Franco museum in Montolieu, France called “The Stars of Stars” (3 paintings) Group exhibition “Les Croqueurs d’Étoiles” at La Coopérative-Musée Cérès FRANCO

2018 December – January 2019. Center for Culture and Tourism in Mrągowo individual exhibition (47 paintings)
Individual exhibition in Mrągowo, Poland – Center of Culture and Turism, 2018

2013 December 4 – 11, 2014. Collective exhibition, gallery “in3arts” in Metz, France (13 paintings)
Group exhibition in Metz, France – „in3arts” gallery, 2013

2011 2-23 April – individual exhibition “Jerzy Ruszczynski in situ” Gallery d’art Michel Mitgen Luxemburg (64 paintings)
Individual exhibition in Luxemburg, 2011

2010 22-23 May – Festival International d’Art Singulier Contemporain in Bezu st Eloi France (7 paintings)

2009 6-14 June – Liverdun, France. Exhibition with Jesse Reno from the USA “Exposition Jesse Reno et Jerzy Ruszczynski” (25 paintings)

2009 30 May – International Festival – Art Singulier Contemporain Bezu St Eloi, France (9 paintings)

2008 12.07 – An individual exhibition combined with a film projector about Jerzy Ruszczynski’s work, Saint Sever France (25 paintings)

2007 10.27 – 2 INTERNATIONALE BIENNALE D’ARTE Hors les normes de Lyon France (18 paintings)