After the exhibition in Mrągowo

In December you could visit the exhibition of an exceptional and unique artist, not defined by any artistic tradition. In an individual exhibition Jerzy Ruszczyński exhibited 47 of his paintings at the Center for Culture and Tourism in Mrągowo.

Jerzy Ruszczyński: “The desire to discover the connection between what we do and the reality that engulfs us is a fundamental issue that has its beginning in the question:
how does our mind work, for what and why?

These questions presented in graphic form are to give us an answer to issues related to existence here and now. What will happen next, and also what was before us, we write here and now through a record of cause and effect reactions which, I think, connect us past and future. I do so with the hope of deepening the knowledge about our mind. Most of the experiments can be carried out on your mind by producing graphic forms in real images, in which individual forms coexisting with each other represent a reactionary action, that is, such as occur in the mind during the implementation of real images. Real images are fragments of reality taken from the mind and the space around us.

The external space in connection with our mind gives us the image of a complex action, and as a result of this action a graphic image is created.
Ultimately, the drama of such action consists in limiting us through our inevitable connection with what was before us and what will happen to us. This ghoulish binding is all the more disturbing because we are unable to free ourselves from this relationship with reality and we are not able to separate us from what was before us and what will be after.

The comforting fact in our existence is the ability to learn, explore and study the enormous resources given to us by reality.
Remember about the motto recorded after the exhibition: “We have to realize one basic thing that we are not us, that we are not literally ourselves. We are the result of creating us in here and now. We have behind us a whole range of accidents that have led us to the present moment and we are only a link in the chain linking us with the future … ”